Michael Fitzgerald Wong

Michael Fitzgerald Wong was born in 1965 in New York. He has a Chinese father and an American mother of German descent. When Wong was still a student in America, he returned to Hong Kong for the first time to participate in film produced by actor Sam Hui Kwun-kit. Wong played the role of a stuntman in the film. Wong's good looks prompted film producers to take notice, and later invited him to stay in Hong Kong to embark on a career in film.

Wong's first starring role was in Devoted to You. Wong was later cast in Gordon Chan Ka-sheng's The Final Option, which became the definitive film of his career. Wong's role as a tough leader to a team of special-forces police endeared him to local audiences. He collaborated with Chan again in First Option, The Long And Winding Road, Thunderbolt and Beast Cops.

Wong's film credits also include City Hero, Royal Warriors, Will Of Iron, My Crazy Love for You, Rose, Whatever You Want, Modern Romance, Don't Stop My Crazy Love For You, Treasure Hunt, A Touch of Evil, Romantic Dream, Spider Woman, The Case of the Gold Fish, Midnight Caller, I'm Your Birthday Cake, Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star, Lost and Found, The Log, The Wedding Days, Theft Under the Sun, Option Zero, Knock Off, Enter the Eagles, Super Car Criminals, There's A Secret In My Soup, Manhattan Midnight, The Blood Rules, and Women From Mars. In 2002, Wong directed his first film Miles Apart, in which he also playing the leading role.